Popular Youtuber Reveals his true feelings about the Blue Jays

Seems everyone isn’t too happy too see the Toronto Blue Jays in his hometown. Pittsburgh Dad is a popular youtube star who posts reaction videos to various things and in his latest rant he speaks at length about Our Boys Of Summer, as if we aren’t unhappy enough with the… Read more“Popular Youtuber Reveals his true feelings about the Blue Jays”

International Plowing Match & Rural Expo (2018)

The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM for short) is an annual event held in cities and towns across Canada. This year I was fortunate enough that it was hosted in my neck of the woods. Only two times before 2018 has the match been held in Chatham-Kent, once… Read more“International Plowing Match & Rural Expo (2018)”

Chatham’s Field Of Dreams

In the glory days of Baseball, Rotary Park was considered one of the premier destinations for baseball in Southwestern Ontario. It’s spacious grandstand and amazingly crafted infield was the home diamond to numerous Ontario Baseball Association winning teams during an era when Chatham was considered a dynasty of the highest… Read more“Chatham’s Field Of Dreams”

Tiger Stadium

This is the old home of the Detroit Tigers since their founding in 1912. I snapped this beauty in 2014 on a trip across the border to The Motor City. Located in the Corktown district of Downtown Detroit, it was Previously Known as Briggs Stadium, The Detroit Tigers played their… Read more“Tiger Stadium”

Toronto Blue Jays VS Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Community Living Day 2007)

One of the greatest thrills for me was going to see my heroes the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on a sunny May Day in 2007. My grandfather had always wanted to take me and my brother but sadly he passed away before he could… Read more“Toronto Blue Jays VS Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Community Living Day 2007)”