Digital Art Spotlight: Back To The Future 35th Anniversary

EDITOR’S NOTE: This will mark the first in a new feature on my site where I shine a light on my digital art and tell the story behind it, what inspired me, how I went about creating it and the tools of the trade I use. This Year (July 4th,… Read more“Digital Art Spotlight: Back To The Future 35th Anniversary”

Lambton Generating Station

The Lambton Generating Station was a coal-fuelled power plant located on the St. Clair River near Corunna, Ontario, delivering up to 950 MW of power to the grid. It is owned by Ontario Power Generation. The plant previously had a total generating capacity of 1,976 MW, prior to the permanent shutdown of generating units 1 and 2 (of four) in October 2010. The remaining… Read more“Lambton Generating Station”