Blurb: Remembering People City

If We End Up With A Population without a sense of belonging, we have lost the war…. Stability flows from neighbourhoods and neighbourhoods are based on roots. David CrombieMayor Of Toronto 1972-1978 I have been to Toronto on numerous occasions during my lifetime from a trip to Canada’s Wonderland back… Read more“Blurb: Remembering People City”

Blurb: Speaker’s Corner Still Remembered Fondly 30 Years Later

Long before Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo and all those user generated services that came years later, Speaker’s Corner was the place where people of all stripes came to have their voices heard. 30 years ago today, this innovation in communications made it’s debut on CityTV for the very first time… Read more“Blurb: Speaker’s Corner Still Remembered Fondly 30 Years Later”