Digital Art Spotlight: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

This is one of many Deviations to come centered around The Toronto Blue Jays baseball club so I thought it natural to make the first one my favorite player of the current roster, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. aka Vladdy, one of their best hitters. Font Used For Signature: Monkey Chunks Tools Used:… Read more“Digital Art Spotlight: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.”

Digital Art Spotlight: Remembering Degrassi

For my first original piece this year I am going back allllll the way to the 1980’s with Degrassi Junior High. (aka Vincent Massey Public School). This was based on a photo I took years ago during a day trip to Toronto, it has since been sold to developers. It… Read more“Digital Art Spotlight: Remembering Degrassi”

Digital Art Spotlight: Beavis And Butthead Simpsonized

Putting A Comic Style Spin on The MTV Generation’s favorite Morons created by Mike Judge, Beavis and Butt-Head first hit the airwaves in 1993 and was ahead of it’s time in terms of it’s absurd humor and professional animation. Today it has a devoted following both who grew up on… Read more“Digital Art Spotlight: Beavis And Butthead Simpsonized”

Digital Art Spotlight: Next Stop The Twilight Zone

This was inspired by the 1950’s Anthology series created by and starring Rod Serling (1924-1975) In which he narrates a well written series that always has a surprise ending and starred individuals who would go on to be big names in the future, Burgess Meredith among them. LICENSE: Free For… Read more“Digital Art Spotlight: Next Stop The Twilight Zone”

Digital Art Spotlight: Back To The Future 35th Anniversary

EDITOR’S NOTE: This will mark the first in a new feature on my site where I shine a light on my digital art and tell the story behind it, what inspired me, how I went about creating it and the tools of the trade I use. This Year (July 4th,… Read more“Digital Art Spotlight: Back To The Future 35th Anniversary”