Digital Art Spotlight: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

This is one of many Deviations to come centered around The Toronto Blue Jays baseball club so I thought it natural to make the first one my favorite player of the current roster, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. aka Vladdy, one of their best hitters. Font Used For Signature: Monkey Chunks Tools Used:… Read more“Digital Art Spotlight: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.”

Speaker’s Corner Still Remembered Fondly 30 Years Later

Long before Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo and all those user generated services that came years later, Speaker’s Corner was the place where people of all stripes came to have their voices heard. 30 years ago today, this innovation in communications made it’s debut on CityTV for the very first time… Read more“Speaker’s Corner Still Remembered Fondly 30 Years Later”