Movie Review: Shakedown (1988)

Movie Review: Shakedown (1988)

One Is A Lawyer, One is an Undercover Cop. Together they are going to make a killing.

When a local drug dealer shoots a dishonest cop in self-defense, a lawyer (Peter Weller) and renegade undercover cop (Sam Elliot) join forces to clear him. But when their investigation leads them into a maze of greed and corruption, they learn that in a town where everything is for sale, anything can happen.

I was 8 years old when this movie came out, I saw it years later on First Choice which was a cable movie channel my mom had when I was younger.

First Choice SuperChannel Fanfare (RetroOntario/YouTube)

I was very familiar with Peter Weller’s work having already seen RoboCop and The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension and I must say if you are a fan of his work this movie won’t disappoint, his character’s sense of humor is something to see too, some may think it’s too dry but I think it meshes well with Peter Weller the actor.

Let’s not leave out Sam Elliot, he blows the screen apart as the renegade cop out for revenge as with most of his movies thereis a lot of action and tough talk as well. Peter Weller and Sam Elliot are a match made in action movie heaven don’t miss this one.

Shakedown Trailer (Shout! Studios/YouTube)