Life With Murder (2010) – A Review

Life With Murder (2010) – A Review

John Kastner oversees a brilliantly made documentary about the tragic story of Mason Jenkins, the Chatham Ontario native who was arrested, tried and convicted of brutally murdering his sister Jennifer in 1998. This film tells the story of Mason and his family as they try to put the family back together.

As a Canadian, I was very familiar with this story as you couldn’t turn off the news without seeing something about it, to quote the late, great Johnny Carson:

“The Collapse Of The Soviet Union Didn’t Get This Much Publicity”

Johnny Carson on The Last Episode of The Tonight Show

through interviews, police footage and home movies, Kastner weaves a tragic tale into something I think everone should see weather they are familiar with the case or not:

My Rating 5 Out Of 5

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