Blurb: Ernie Coombs’ Legacy Is Still Being Felt Today

For many Canadian kids who grew up in the 60′s well into the 90′s, their childhoods always had something called the Tickle Trunk and a dog named Finnegan among them. Ernie Coombs who portrayed the popular children’s character Mr. Dressup still continues to delight and inspire generations of people the… Read more“Blurb: Ernie Coombs’ Legacy Is Still Being Felt Today”

Review: Fat Head (2009)

Genre: Independent Documentary Director/Star: Tom Naughton Released: 2009 Comedian/Former Writer Tom Naughton often gets the cold shoulder when compared to Morgan Spurlock. His documentary Fat Head pretty much throws salt at Super Size Me. But if you read between the lines there are a lot of good points to be… Read more“Review: Fat Head (2009)”