Toronto Blue Jays VS Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Community Living Day 2007)

Toronto Blue Jays VS Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Community Living Day 2007)

One of the greatest thrills for me was going to see my heroes the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on a sunny May Day in 2007. My grandfather had always wanted to take me and my brother but sadly he passed away before he could realize his dream. We loaded onto the bus and left C-Town at 7:00 AM arriving in Toronto shortly before noon see if you know Toronto you almost always have to give yourself extra time due to the heavy traffic on the Gardner Expressway. Upon our arrival at Roger’s Centre there was a stilt man (aka Man on Stilts) greeting visitors.

The Stilt Man

My friends and I got some refreshments and headed to our seats and while we were waiting I snapped some amazing pictures and then in true Blue Jays fashion, an unassuming black truck rode onto the field with the Jays’ legendary mascot Ace and the honorary guests Canada’s #1 Children’s rock group at the time The Doodlebops who threw out the ceremonial first pitch commencing the start.

Ace & The Doodlebops Walk To The Pitcher’s Mound

Then The Blue Jays hit the field and for the first little bit it was a real nail biter with Tampa Bay keeping the Jays’ fans on the edge of their seats. But then ol’ Doc Halladay himself sees an opportunity to get two outs and Alex Rios puts the nail in the coffin for the Devil Rays sealing their defeat with a spectacular 5-4 win for the Toronto Blue Jays. As the excitement was intensifying I could feel my grandfather smiling down from heaven as this was my first game and my heroes from all those years clobbered their adversaries with such style and grace any fan would be proud to love Toronto