Tom Hanks: An American Legend

Originally Written in 2019

Tom Hanks will be 63 years old on July 9 (born July 9, 1956) Ever since I first saw him on Ron Howard’s directorial debut Splash as Allan Bauer, I was hooked (no Pun Intended). He is one of the most popular actors in contemporary American cinema with a laundry list of credits as big as my house.  One amazing thing is he never lets fame go to his head, appreciating the legions of fans he has around the world, sometimes literally Case In Point:

Tom Hanks Crashes A Wedding in Central Park

He, I think the word nowadays is ‘Photobombed’ but when I was young it was simply Crashed a pair of newlyweds in Central Park taking photos

Here are some of my favorite moments from his long list of Credits

The Greatest Sarcastic Laugh Ever (Toy Story)
Dueling Beethovens (Big)
There’s No Crying In Baseball (A League Of Their Own)
I Wanna Go Home (Forrest Gump)
It Was A Kindness You Done (The Green Mile)
I Wanted It To Be You (You’ve Got Mail)


High Speed Beach Pursuit (Dragnet)

Here’s To Many More years of memories Tom….

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