The Bell Homestead Historic Site (Brantford, Ontario)

Wayne Gretzky isn’t all Brantford is famous for!!! The Bell Homestead is a Historic site located on the outskirts of Brantford, Ontario. It was here that Alexander Graham Bell first created the Telephone which would go on to cement Brantford as The Telephone City, here is a selection of photos… Read more“The Bell Homestead Historic Site (Brantford, Ontario)”

You May Not Know Her Name But You DEFINITELY Know Her Work

Dolores Claman, the woman behind the catchy tune that used to introduce CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts, has died at 94. Claman’s daughter Madeleine Morris said Saturday that her mother died in Spain this week, about two years after she was diagnosed with dementia. “She was a good, ripe old age,… Read more“You May Not Know Her Name But You DEFINITELY Know Her Work”

There Will Never Be Another Walter Gretzky

He Was The Great One, If It Wasn’t For HimI Never would have picked up a stick… Wayne Gretzky Ask any Canadian, and they will probably tell you that nobody epitomizes the very essence of the term “Hockey Dad” than Walter Gretzky. The man dubbed Canada’s Dad passed away yesterday… Read more“There Will Never Be Another Walter Gretzky”

There will never be another Christopher Plummer

To many, Christopher Plummer will forever be immortalized in the role that shot him to superstardom, Captain Von Trapp in Rogers & Hammerstein’s The Sound Of Music alongside Julie Andrews. The Toronto born actor whose versatility brought him to stage and screen including such diverse roles as Russian poet Tolstoy,… Read more“There will never be another Christopher Plummer”

A Positive Message In These Dark Times

We all know this past year has been a bleak one with people getting COVID-19 and dying, some famous ones too including recently Dawn Wells who played Mary Ann Summers on Gilligan’s Island, but within these dark times there can be rays of positivity, here is one such courtesy of… Read more“A Positive Message In These Dark Times”

The Real Story Behind Volunteers

Jefferson Airplane was one of those bands that either you loved them or you hated them, a lot of their songs have gone on to be thought of as Political anthems but one particular one I found out has an interesting yet simple story behind it: Months before they played… Read more“The Real Story Behind Volunteers”

Helllooo! To Heaven: My thoughts on David Lander’s Passing

Actor David Lander, known to a generation as Andrew “Sqiggy” Sqiggman passed away on Friday December 4th 2020 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center of the disease he had been fighting for decades, Multiple Sclerosis. On the sitcom Laverne & Shirley, Lander played one half of the upstairs neighbors of Laverne DeFazio… Read more“Helllooo! To Heaven: My thoughts on David Lander’s Passing”