The Life And Times Of Carol “Moomay” Piola

I just heard today that one of my old friends from the old Youtube days when I did the Danny J Show has passed away. Carol Piola or as she liked to be called Moomay was born in 1942 and hailed from the City Of Brotherly Love aka Philadelphia, PA and she created videos of all kinds ranging from Video Blogs or Vlogs to joke videos and shout outs to other channels. We collaborated with her in Joe Abroscuto (Joeabro1’s) group ThreeToThePower (Sadly No Longer Around) and she always made very entertaining videos and gave it 100% for everything she ever did. Of course I found out like some others had and saw this video by Tom Kennedy:

Moomay Passed Away

One funny memory I have that she told me about, 8 years ago was that she had this hateful comment from a troll and this was her response to him she put him in his place pretty good:

Moomay’s Response To A Hateful Comment
My Personal Thoughts On Moomay’s Passing