The Fine Line Between Humour and Overkill

As most Canadians (and perhaps the world) are aware our current Prime Minister is under a lot of increased scrutiny due to a lapse in judgment he made over 20 years ago prior to his life in politics.

Now before I go any further, I am not I repeat NOT absolving Justin Trudeau of his behaviour or responsibility in this, Wearing blackface or anything that is demeaning to any race, creed or minority is a downright shame.

Now that the public service announcement is out of the way, my main gripe with this is that the Late Night Comedians in the United States and elsewhere have taken a news story that has been discussed in the media up to wazoo and made Canada a laughing stock, of course this pains me as a Proud Canadian living and working in this great country for over 38 years without any thoughts of living in any other country. Take a look at these clips that I have gathered from Youtube and Deduce for yourselves….

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert © CBS
The Daily Show With Trevor Noah © Comedy Central
Late Night With Seth Meyers © NBC

It’s even courted the Ire of the Reverend Al Sharpton, Reknown Civil Rights activist and crusader for equal rights for all:

The Reverend Al Sharpton © TMZ

American President Donald Trump Even Weighed In, albeit reluctantly:

U.S. President Donald Trump © CBC/Power & Politics

Even The Most Ultra Conservative Network In America, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson couldn’t resist chiming in.

Tucker Carlson © Fox News Channel

The Scope Of This is way beyond the Borders of The United States with countries such as France, The United Kingdom, Korea, even The Middle East The Youtube Search I conducted Brought Up Many Videos from Numerous Countries on the subject.

As I said before this pains me as a Canadian that we have an issue here that is going way beyond the boundaries of funny, I personally see nothing worth making fun of here, it is a serious issue that I find no humour in I see even the thought of entertaining the subject as Overkill but hey I’m only one man among over millions of people and that’s the greatest thing about living in this country everyone’s opinion is unique, one of my best friends from Bowling said it best”

Opinions Are Like Assholes, Everybody’s Got One

Lawrence Marchand

Following the Aftermath Of This scandal, In case you are wondering Trudeau’s National Support has taken a dramatic hit: via CTV News

National Nanos Results (As Of Saturday September 21 2019) Courtesy CTV News

So it has come to this, I can only pray that after this, people understand that there is no place in this world for Blackface or anything of the sort and we don’t have something like this happen ever again. Anything demeaning or derogatory shouldn’t even be around anymore, our parents raised us better than that. Never in my wildest dreams when I was growing up did I think I would ever see something like this in my lifetime again. But some people might say in the world we live in today that is wishful thinking….

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