From The Archives: Southwestern Regional Centre

Photos taken in and around the former institution in it’s final days with some historical photos mixed in Southwestern Regional Centre in Dealtown closed in 2008. The hospital opened back in 1961, located on 300 acres of land facing Lake Erie. The hospital was built to facilitate disabled adults but was originally designed to accommodate developmentally disabled children. When it first opened it was originally named: “Ontario’s Hospital School for Retarded Children at Cedar Springs”. In 1966 there was a resident population of 1,200 and 600 staff members. By 1979 the resident population reduced down to 620. This was the last “largest” institution built in Canada for the treatment of the developmentally disabled. There has been talk by the government to create this huge building in to many different attractions and/or other facilities such as: large-sized tourist resort complete with an indoor water-park, Regional Jail, Retirement Home, Casino and even a resort facility. None of these ideas have yet materialized

Former Location (Google Maps):

VIDEO: Slideshow Presentation

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